How to Play?

How to Play?

Participating on Profeud is very simple but winning depends on your skill and knowledge about the game.

Step 1: Select a Match
Upcoming matches are listed as per start times. Select any one and click on 'Create Team'.

Step 2: Team Selection

Create your roster using a combination of players from both the teams. You are given a budget of 100 credits and you can select a maximum of 4 players from one team.

Step 3: Assign Multipliers
Assign multipliers from 1x to 2x for all 5 players for every map. Choose wisely as this could be the difference between being number 1 or not. You can create as many teams as you want for a match and you can also edit and swap them till the match begins.

Step 4: Join Contests
Once a team is created, go ahead and join the cash contests to stand a chance to win big or join our free contests to get a feel of things. Alternatively, you can also create your custom contests and share it with your friends.